Local Trade Check

Local Trade Check
is an initiative for Companies and Customers alike with a Huge difference, we actually check all apsects of the Company.

We actually carryout On-site checks with our Experienced Local Inspectors.

Carry out detailed On-site Inspections of Two Completed Projects
Attend and carry out detailed On-site Inspection of a Current Project
Check Conformity with Specifications, Drawings and Budgets
Assess Compliance's with Building Regulations
Assess Compliance and Performance of Health & Safety and Companies Ethos
Carry out thorough background checks for Membership to Accredited Associations
Compile Financial Status and History through Companies House for Limited Companies
Confirm Validity of all applicable Insurances
Produce a Detailed Independent Evaluation Report that any Potential Customer can see
Work closely with Local Tradepersons and Companies to improve their Status

During tough times your potential customers have to make even harder decisions when spending their precious savings on their family home.

They want to be sure they are spending money with the right people.

At Local Trade Check all our On-site Inspections are carried out by
Independent Professionals with decades of experience in the Industry.

Our Inspectors travel the local area visiting working and completed building sites,
checking on the companies that we evaluate.
Making sure they do what they say they will do, and they are bona fide.

We speak directly to their clients confidentialy about their actual experiences.

We only believe it, when we have seen it for ourselves!

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